Top 10 Funny Dance Music for Father And Daughter!

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The Father & Daughter duos are always one of the most talked about topics in the town. Whether it is an engagement party or a wedding ceremony, father daughter duos always comes as a surprise of the day. Especially, during those wedding season, it often becomes emotional and very sentimental plus what can a person do when the music itself makes you emotional and sad. It is not a fundamental fact that every father and daughter wants a slow, soft music to jazz up the wedding ceremony. Sometimes a crazy rock and roll songs also serves the purpose of a good and momentary performance. So, if you want to make things unpredictable for your guests, so that they enjoy and remember it every time they stumble upon those pictures of your daughters wedding party, then changing up the tone of your music and grooving on these 10 funny songs will definitely give a thundering enjoyment to everyone.

1) Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

The song with amazing riffs, that almost every guitar player learns during their initial times is definitely one of the great songs with crazy tunes that a father and daughter can enjoy dancing around. Plus one of the lines in the song “Reminds me of childhood memories” can easily become your father’s memories regarding their daughter’s childhood days. Hence, this song is surely made for reliving the memories of the past,  thereby qualifying as a funny song for a father and daughter dance performance.

2) Amos Lee – “Sweet Pea”

A nice, perfect and funny song with a deeper meaning that can make anyone’s day beautiful and bright, is definitely a great choice for a father and daughter dance performance. Plus, the bright and charming melodies of this song will surely make your guests pay attention.

3) Bob Marley – “Three Little Birds”

What better way to get on the floor and groove on this evergreen song from a legend Bob Marley? A fresh and soothing song like “Three Little Birds” is guaranteed to make a good father and daughter duo performance, especially for those charismatic beachy wedding ceremonies.

4) John Fogerty – “I Will Walk With You”

If you’re a fan of a country song, then this song will undoubtedly make a favourite in your list. A song about a father making promises regarding the ups and downs of his daughter. This song has all the sweet messages and connection that only a father and daughter can understand during a daughter’s wedding. Though this song has sweet and emotional thoughts, still it has beats that can help in jazzing up the dance performance.

5) Steppenwolf – “Born to Be Wild”

Do you want to shock your family and friends during  your daughter’s wedding? If yes, then prefer doing a legit dance routine on this number 1 song by Steppenwolf. A wild song talking about the  adventures and all of that fun stuff that goes around in life.

While performing, this song can really be interpreted into how your daughter was a free bird when she used to live with you. It is a great classic song that almost no audience would think of a father and daughter performing on to.

6) The Temptations – “My Girl”

One of the songs that would make a great choice for father and daughter dance performance is a song by The Temptations. A sweet song with a great message like “I don’t need no money, fortune or fame” directly interprets into how a father never wants money fortune or fame but love from his daughter.

7)Marvin Gaye – “How Sweet it is (To be Loved by You)”

A song with an optimistic and unpredicted beats is what would make this song perfect for a father and daughter duo. This song may not be the funniest of all to perform at, but it is indeed one of those songs that can be made into a fun dance routine for everyone to enjoy looking at.

8)David Bowie’s – “Let’s Dance”

Now, this song is funny and perfect for a father and daughter dance performance. A song that is meant for dancing and that actually says you to leave all the fears behind and just dance and enjoy the moment that a father and daughter will cherish throughout their lives.

9)Tom Petty – “American Girl”

That there was a little more to life somewhere else” definitely one of the great lines in a song that mentions about a girl that leaves behind a father’s home and goes off to her husband’s home. This song is not just about some American girl, but it is a song about a girl that seeks for the same kind of love and affection from her husband after marriage. For me, I think this song will be one of the best songs that a father and daughter can dance around to.

10)The Rolling Stones: She’s a Rainbow

The last and the best song that tops up this list of 10 most Funny Dance Music for Father And Daughter is this song by The Rolling Stones, She’s a Rainbow. Its upbeats and light music is what makes it an enjoyable song to dance to. Also, It’s pretty obvious that all the daughters in the world are like fairies and rainbow to their father’s. It is no doubt a father can demand anything but happiness for his daughter. But, to make that kind of happiness last, then there is what better way to groove on than this song by The Rolling Stones.

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