6 Tips on How to Dance in High Heels!

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Nothing looks more fierce, sensual and appealing than a woman dancing in red bottoms and nothing beats the look of a confident woman wearing a heel. The thing with dancing in heels is that a woman doesn’t necessarily need to do extraordinary steps to show how powerful and magnificent her dance is. Even a simple step with the right attitude and good posture can give a power-packed performance.

Hence, In order to know how to dance in high heels you should need to know the basic concept of how to wear heels with confidence and for that we have some few tips to help you with. Let’s check out what those simple tips are:

1) Always Stretch Before You Strap on Your Heels:

Dancing in heels requires you to stretch before you even start practicing. Stretching helps in warming up the muscles which thereby help you to dance properly without making your thighs and calves exhaust due to the hours of workout.

2) Take a basic ballet class:

As recommended by Linda Kuo,  a professional dancer and director of a Dance Studio Dance Unlimited, tells everyone to take a basic ballet class before starting up their dance routine. She says, that a right way to wear a heel is pretty much similar to doing a basic ballet.

Learning the basic forms of ballet will help you in teaching a lot about how to have a control and balance in your body. Not only that, it will also help in giving strength into your ankle muscle and will help you with easily shifting the body weight into your shoes.

3) Your posture is important:

For any woman in order to dance well, she needs to have a good control over her posture. Maintaining a good posture always helps you to dance effortlessly in heels. The correct way to have a good posture is by rolling the shoulders back and pulling the core of the body in and up. Remember to always keep a light pressure on the feet while keeping your feet straightened.

4) Lead The Dance Steps With Your Hips:

Many women face a lot of issues when they try to dance in heels. It happens usually when you don’t have a correct posture or when you don’t move properly. In order to maintain that good posture and the balance, learn to lead your dance steps with your hips. When you lead it with your hips, the weight of your body evenly gets distributed which automatically helps in engaging the thighs and straightening the legs.

Also, if you want to learn that correct way to maintaining that posture, then try placing a book on your head and walk in a straight line with one foot following the other.

5) For Dancing In Heels, Use Your Wrists:

As said by Linda Kuo, Dancing in heels is really just meant for throwing in the poses to music and the key to that is finding your transition to the next pose. A good timing to move your wrists is when you transition a pose, i.e. When you go from one step to another during a dance use your hands and wrists accordingly. Those little movements with the wrists and hand will not only look superb but it will give more off a feminine energy.

6) Relax Yourself:

Always remember that a key to any good dance performance lies in the expression of the particular dancer. Even if you have the tallest heels or greatest outfit, it won’t do justice if your face shows a dull and an under confident look.

So, be relaxed and take dancing as a fun and chilled activity. Don’t go extra hard on yourself. Always try to have a confident face because after all, that’s what people look at when you perform.

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