Learn How to Dance In a Club in these 4 Simple Steps!

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In this modern era, where clubbing and pubbing are becoming an individual’s daily routine, there are still some people who shy away and sit in the corner while everybody dances. Often, it happens due to the lack of information on the steps and directions of dance in reality. So, at times like this, you don’t actually have to become an alien in the surrounding. In fact, you can try learning these simple dance steps in order to make yourself look extra amazing and effortless in front of others.

If you want to learn these 4 simple steps, then take a notepad and start by jotting down all those types of music that you think you can easily connect with, then pick a song that makes you feel extra good and amazing. Play that song a couple of times in order to feel the different types of beats and melodies of the song. When you’re done with all of this, then put on those funky clothes and get ready to slay those dance floors in these 4 simple steps:

1)Learn How to Dance to a Music Beat:

For a song to be good enough for dancing, one needs to have that sense and ability of finding the beat of that particular music. Usually a beat of the song describes a whole rhythm on which your dance routine should be based on. For e.g, a slow music may not require a fast movement of your body. In the same way a Reggaeton kind of beats in a music may not require slow movements of the body.

How to find the beat of the song:

  • Firstly, Listen to the song in its entirety. Don’t even try at this moment to concentrate on the beats. Just go with the flow and listen to the song.
  • Now, when you have finished the song, try hearing it again but give a little attention to the beats. For eg, how many times the beats are coming? Or how fast are the beats? Or that how heavy are the sounds surrounding the beats?
  • Now when you have noticed the beats, try to clap or snap fingers along with the beats. This will not only make you more focus on the song, but it will help you in getting the feel of the music.
  • Lastly, try tapping your left and right foot, according to the strong and the weaker beats.

2)Learn How to Dance With Your Arms:

It ever happened to you that a girl/guy started dancing infront of you and you had no idea what to do at that time? It was like you just froze then and there, without any idea of what to do and how to do and you thought to yourself that why the time is not moving fast or that why you even thought of coming here in the first place?

To be honest, The embarrassment infront of a stranger is way too worse than infront of a friend or a relative. So, inorder to prevent yourself from the embarrassment again, follow these easy yet great techniques:

  • First thing first, whenever a person hears a music, an instant connection of the brain to the arms gives off a vibe, that a person is feeling the song. A connection with a song is very important so always connect yourself with the song. Afterwards, when you have connected yourself, then try to move your hands and fingers in a light circular motion or in another direction. The idea here is to make yourself comfortable and in the mood of a soul that dances. 
  • Slightly swing your arms in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Make sure you’re swinging your arms naturally with your feet and not stiffly. Now, make yourself relaxed and slightly include the bending movement of the knee. Not too much, but very little.
  • Now, frequently start raising up your arms above the head and to the sides, whichever way you feel is good. Do it your own way.
  •  Don’t focus your entire attention on the arms and feet, try to move your whole body in a small flowy and flaky movements.  Remember, you have to look like a human and not a robot.

3)Learn How to Dance With a Few Steps:

They say if you’re in a club then impress everyone with those extraordinary dance steps, but if you’re not a dancer then even these few steps will help you in stamping the impression.

  • After  that you have mastered the arm technique, try to do a marching routine with your legs. Make it little lighter, slower and natural.
  • Now bend your knees in accordance to the tune of the music that is being played in the club. Take few steps forward and a few backwards with your feet. For eg, one foot goes in front and the other comes back at the same time.
  • Now try to move your whole body, including the hips in small little movements.  Remember explore all sorts of moves while dancing. Don’t just limit yourself with one kind of move. Explore and experiment cause this is how you learn basic steps to dance. 

4) Learn How to Dance By Using Your Head:

As we know that head plays a crucial role in almost everything, from directing your hands to giving messages, head is something you should never leave behind in your dance routine too or else you would actually end up looking like a robot. 

So now, after learning all the techniques, one must try to make the little moves with their heads too. Just softly indulge in head movement. For eg, how you nod your head when a teacher looks at you in the school and you nod by responding that Yeah! I’m understanding what you’re saying even though you’re not. (More of a gesture that says yes), that is the way how you want to make your head move during a dance routine.

Nod your head from up and down to side by side, whichever way you feel is worth it, do it that way. Feel relaxed and don’t strain yourself, infact, make the dance more enjoyable.

At last, If you have followed all the steps that is being said in this article, then by now your whole entire body must be grooving to the beats of the music.

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