The Famous Hip-Hop Dancers of All Time!

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From movies like You Got Served and Step up 3D, the film industry have shown some of the best hip hop dance works of all time. From locking to popping and jerkin to krumping these dance movies has not only given us those graceful hip hop dance moves, but has also created a level of interest in the audience.

Whether it is based on just one time watch or multiple, people love to watch hip hop dance styles. It’s no wonder that hip hop has come a long way from just the streets and underground hip hop clubs to mainstream media. So, if you are a fan of such movies or hip- hop dancers in general and want to know some of the most famous hip hop dancers of all time then keep on reading..

Michael Jackson:

The legend who has shown us the best and the greatest songs of all time is also a well known hip hop dancer of all time. His dance moves had highly influence of hip hop dance styles like electric boogaloo, soul and funk. It is his, this way of dancing that changed the way people looked at the dancers at earlier times.  


Aaliyah was one of the famous hip hop dancers in the world. She was ranked by Black Entertainment Television as one of the top 25 dancers of all time. She was indeed a very great dancer and had a style that was utilized from the hip hop but was unique and lovely to watch at.

Paula Abdul:

Having been as a judge and a choreographer Paula Abdul is one of the famous hip-hop dancers of all time. She has organized dance routines for numerous movies such as Action Jackson, American Beauty, Can’t Buy Me Love and The Running man. Along with that she has also received  some of the prestige and the Best Dance awards for her choreography in movies.

MC Hammer:

MC Hammer had his instant fame in the 1980’s and the 1990’s, where he showcased his flashy hip-hop dancing skills and created the Hammer dance with the use of the Butterfly and the Running Man. In 2003, he was also the television host and judge of the show called Dance Fever.

So, now that you know the most famous dancers in the world, then go ahead and pass on the knowledge to your friends and families as well. Also, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t actually know the proper way of dancing in the club with a girl then don’t worry head over to the how to dance with a girl article to find out. 

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