Top 5 Most Popular Dancers of All Time!

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Dance is a form of art and creativity that even a non dancer, who never went to dance school can groove on those party songs. Dance is something which a person always feels connected to, whether they are in the pub, a house party or even a wedding function.  Clearly, you would always find those people in their 60s and 70s enjoying their grandson or granddaughter’s wedding without even considering whether they are doing it right or wrong. It is always been a form to express your feelings through moves rather than impressing.

rom centuries, dance has evolvedĀ  and made its progress through different forms like contemporary, ballet, classicals, freestyles, b-boying/b-girling and many more, certainly to make it more enjoyable and entertaining in the field. In the television industry, dance shows have shown so many unique dancers with such commendable dance routines who always have one of the great idols whom they aspires to become like when they first started their routine. Therefore, here are some of the lists which you might like knowing about the famous dancers in the world. These famous dancers of all time have come up with their own style and have given their own feel to the dance. So, lets see who all are these top 5 dancers in the world who have graced the dance floors and have liven through our dreams:-

1) Michael Jackson:

The greatest dancer, singer, songwriter  who had wooed the viewers through his journey of dance is, of course, Michael Jackson, the perfectionist and the famous dancer of all time. The legend who gave extraordinary music and not to forget that popular dance form, known to be “moonwalk” to the world.

Jackson being one of the greatest entertainers, introduced robot dance and break dance to the world. Even now, the audience always wants to master that type of rhythmic move that his body made while he performed.


Columbian beauty with a sense of heat in her performance, Shakira is a well-known figure in the industry that is known for singing and dancing at the same time so flawlessly and gracefully. Shakira born and raised in Barranquilla, attended a lot of school performances, from her early childhood. At the age of four, Shakira started dancing on the table to the beats of a traditional drum(Doumbek), at a local Middle Eastern restaurant. She then realized her passion for dance and wanted to become a popular dancer. The “Hips don’t lie” singer, is one of the famous dancer figures whom every girl wants to idolize and become like her  when they grow up.

3)Hrithik Roshan

Famous for his acting and dancing skills,  Hrithik Roshan is known for his wide range of performing dance routines in the Indian Movies. Hrithik Roshan from his debut film, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai to his 2004 released Lakshya, has never failed to perform the hardest and toughest steps given by his choreographer.

He is that hard working person who always makes his toughest of the toughest moves look so effortless and graceful. It is no wonder why people want to learn and engrave those steps in their routine.

4)Rudolf Nureyev

One of the purest and illusionist dance is ballet, a dance that makes you feel like you’re in a dreamland and the dancers are angels. A dance that soothes up your mind and soul. The greatest ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, was one such dancer with a soul of soothing up our mind. Though, he started off his dancing routine much later, he managed to become one of the greatest male ballet dancer in the world. He pushed himself way harder than any individual at his place would do for all the time he missed his routine.

After his graduation, Rudolf was signed by Kirov in the most supreme company, ex-Marinsky Theatre in Leningrad, that led him to start his solo career in ballet dancing.

5)Prabhu Deva

The man who is adorned with Two National Film Awards for his Best choreographer, is an outstanding performer and the choreographer of all times. The Urvasi Urvasi, choreographer and performer shook the audiences back in early 2000’s. His talent and the way he grooves his moves are no hidden from the world.

In the early childhood, Prabhu Deva was highly inspired by his dad  Mugur Sundar. Thus, he started going to dance classes to learn the Indian form of Classicals, Bharatanatyam. Later he invested his time on learning about the western forms from his two brothers Nagendra Prasad and Raju Sundaram.  Through all his ups and downs on his career path, Prabhu Deva is one such graceful dancer who is still making audiences dance on his song. His movie Anybody can dance is one good example of how dance is meant for expressing rather than impressing.

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