Top 6 Famous Dance Styles in the World!

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Dance is a way of living and passing time where people enjoy and get fit through those rhythmic and graceful moves. Dance is something which anybody and everybody seems to connect themselves. Whether it is a music of totally different language, genre and tune, people still manage to make steps according to the song. They say, if you strive on getting those perfect moves and techniques, you still wouldn’t be able to perform well and with passion, if you don’t dance from the soul and heart.

Learning new dance forms takes really a lot of hard work and patience. If you want to become like one of your idols, you need to have that level of passion in your life. Whether you want to impress someone with your dance skills or you want to perform it for the college fest, this article will definitely help you in providing information about the top 10 dance styles in the world.

1)Hip Hop Dance:

The Hip Hop dance that was mainly performed for the Hip Hop music community in the past, has now evolved by time and spread to most of the different genres in modern generation. This style of dance, also known as Street Style, has one of the widest range of dance styles.  Primarily ranging from breaking, locking and popping, these dance styles gained immense popularity in the 1970’s, when the popular Dance Crews in United States started indulging in Hip Hop style of dancing.

Hip Hop dance style hitted the mainstream media, when television shows like Soul Train and movies like Beat Street, Wild Style and Breakin’, showcased such crews and dance styles. All in all, it is one trending and popping dance forms that will always have its place in top 10 dance styles in the world.

2)Belly Dance:

When anybody mentions belly dancing, instantly those staccato movements and ancient Arabian music play in the head of any individual personality.

The Belly Dance, also known as the Arabic dance is a form of torso driven moves, stressing on the hips of the human body. Unlike other styles of dance, this style majorily highlights the torso region of an individual body. 

Belly dance got its first popularity in the West during the Romantic movement of the 18th and 19th centuries. This style has now evolved and is being divided into three main categories like, Fluid movements(Flowy & snaky movements of the body), Percussive movements(Sharp movement, majorily of the hips that usually happens on the strong beats of the music and lastly Shimmies, shivers and vibrations(Small and short movements of the hips or ribcage).

3)Gangnam Style:

Back in 2012, “Gangnam Style” was a huge hit and especially their most famous horse style dance step gained immense popularity at that time.  Gangnam Style, a phrase that refers to a lifestyle is associated with a Gangnam District Of Seoul. The song and the dance step which was shown in the viral music video got mixed reviews, some being not liking the dance step and some being finding it unusual and amusing. But still PSY’s dance moves in the Gangnam Style music video has made up the spot in the top 10 dance styles.

4) Kathak:

Kathak is one of the classical dance routines, that is originated from the land of Gold, India. This dance style is one of the eight forms of classical dances. This dance routine which has been made famous from Madhuri Dixit in her movies, is a form of dance that was formed in Ancient northern India. Kathak, also called as Kathakars that means story, have been emerged as a dance form, carries traces of olden ritual dances in the temple. 

5)Break Dance or B-boying:

A form of dance that came from the streets and which has now formed a major popularity in the world is Break Dance. Whether, you call it Break Dance, B-boying or B-girling, a fact can never be changed that this dance needs skills like a true gymnastics. This dance form is more into the athletic style of a street dance and mainly consists of four top elements which is downrock, toprock, power moves and freezes.


A ballet is a form of dance which has sharp movements, a flowy feel and a complicated dance routine. Originated during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century, this style of dancing evolved from a performance based dance to a concert based dance in Russia and France. This form of dance went from classical to romantic to expressionist to neoclassical and contemporary very smoothly. Furthermore, Ballet are mainly choreographed with a soft classical music and a strong vocals, involving snaky, flowy and a pointy form of trained acrobatic movements.

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